API Status Codes - Billable vs Non-Billable

API Status Codes - Billable vs Non-Billable

Our APIs return standard HTTP status codes back to the caller of the API.
We incur costs when we access a page/resource (HTTP GET/POST etc.)  on the target website and such access is billable to you.
If we do not access the target website, we do not incur additional costs and as a result, such calls are not billable to you.
The diagram below illustrates the HTTP codes returned by the target website (Amazon, Walmart etc.) and how we handle and return the codes back from our API

Billable codes

Every successful call (HTTP 200) is billable.
Redirections (HTTP 3xx) such 301, 302 codes are handled automatically by us and they are also billable

When the target website returns a 404 code, that is also billable because we still incur costs to access the website.
This usually happens when the API is called with a non-existent product or page to gather the data.
In that case, the target website (Amazon, Target, Zillow) etc. will return a HTTP 404 code to us which we will forward and return back to you so that you can decide what to do with the lack of this data.

Non Billable codes

HTTP error codes generated by us such as 5XX, 400, 401, 403, 429, or 429 are not charged and billed to you.
In such cases, we are not accessing the target website and hence we do not incur any cost in accessing the site. As a result such codes are not billed to you either.

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