Can I get personalized help with using the Cloud?

Can I get personalized help with using the Cloud?

Our cloud platform is a "self-service" platform and it is designed to help our users do everything themselves online and without any help from our teams.
However, if you feel you need personalized help with anything we offer personalized sessions with a human expert that can be purchased online.

What's the difference between these personalized premium sessions and our normal support?

These sessions are not part of our normal support process which includes bug-fixes and fixing of errors in our platform already.

Due to the self-service nature of this platform, our normal support does not include personalized help with questions on - How do I do x?
Common answers to such questions are covered on our excellent instructions in the platform itself, and these FAQs.
If you have questions beyond what's covered already, then these personalized premium sessions should help.

How to signup for these sessions?

Please click to sign up and we will schedule the session to help you.

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