Do you offer Educational / Student plans for non-commercial research?

Do you offer Educational / Student plans for non-commercial research?

Our plans are already the lowest in the market for the sophistication of scrapers and the quality of data.
As a result, we will not be able to provide you any further discount.
If you are planning on a scraper larger than our standard plan of 15,000 pages per month, we can look into the possibility of a discount.

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    • Do you offer bigger or larger plans with more limits than what's on your website?

      Yes, in certain cases, it is possible for us to provide larger plans with more or increased pages, API calls, concurrency etc. Please contact our sales team if you would like to know more about those plans.
    • API Status Codes - Billable vs Non-Billable

      Our APIs return standard HTTP status codes back to the caller of the API. We incur costs when we access a page/resource (HTTP GET/POST etc.)  on the target website and such access is billable to you. If we do not access the target website, we do not ...
    • Are all plans subscription based?

      Yes, all plans on our marketplace are subscription based. We make that very clear at all times and on signup e.g  and  This FAQ also addresses common questions such as: I didn't realize I was going to be billed monthly It wasn't clear that I was ...
    • For your APIs, can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

      Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Click on the Billing tab to change your plan. When you make any of these changes you are subscribing to a NEW plan. e.g. as an illustrative example, if you change from a plan for $5 which gives ...
    • What happens to my unused credits when I cancel?

      If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you will not be billed again. If you have any page credits left, you can still use up those credits until it the end of the current subscription period or till you exhaust your credits. We do ...