I want to add a new field to the cloud crawler

I want to add a new field to the cloud crawler

If you would like some modification to any existing cloud scrapers listed here https://cloud.scrapehero.com/library/crawler, we cannot customize the cloud scrapers BUT we can build a custom solution for you which we can run in our "full-service" offering. In this model you get the data regularly delivered to you without worrying about anything - we handle everything.

Alternatively, if you would like to stay with our "self-service" model, we can customize an API for you, which you will need programming resources on your end to handle. The list of APIs available today are here https://cloud.scrapehero.com/library/api but we can also build many custom APIs for you or modify an existing one.

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    • Can you build me a custom API or custom crawler?

      Sure, we can build custom solutions for you. Please contact our Sales team using this link and that will get us started. In your message, please describe in detail what you require. 
    • Can I modify my plan anytime?

      Sure, you can modify your plan at any time. You can easily modify your subscription by going to your account https://cloud.scrapehero.com/settings/billing and modifying one or all of your subscriptions or plans. If you change your plan, the changes ...
    • Why doesn't the Google crawler show me relevant results?

      Our Google crawler gathers data returned by Google for a particular search term. If the search term has a lot of ads and other sponsored content associated with it, then they show up in the search results along with the search query and end up in the ...
    • Why does the Google crawler not return ALL results?

      Google will always display only a few hundred results per query. So if your query has thousands of results, all those results will not be displayed by Google and as a result, we cannot gather that data for your either. Our crawler is dependent on ...
    • What is the difference between a Crawler and an API on our website?

      Our Marketplace has two types of self-service offerings Crawlers APIs Crawlers: A Crawler is something anyone can use - you can signup and use a crawler by simply copying and pasting some links you need data from and download the data. You do not ...