What happens to my existing page credits when I upgrade my plan?

What happens to my existing page credits when I upgrade my plan?

If you have any remaining page credits before upgrading the plan, our system will automatically assign the remaining credits as a discount while upgrading the plan.

e.g. If you upgrade from a $5 plan to $50 plan and you have $3 worth of unused credits in the $5 plan, we will issue a $3 discount towards your new $50 plan and your final charge will be ($50 - $3) = $47          
If the credits are under $1, we do not provide the credits for such small amounts because our subscription provider cannot provide credits for smaller amounts and credits are provided based on the rate per page or API of the new plan and not calculated based on your previous plan 

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      Sure, we have free plans for some of our offerings such as https://www.scrapehero.com/marketplace/amazon-product-details/. The details of the plan and costs are on each page. if you see a Free plan, you can get that for Free by signing up.