Why doesn't the Google crawler show me relevant results?

Why doesn't the Google crawler show me relevant results?

Our Google crawler gathers data returned by Google for a particular search term. If the search term has a lot of ads and other sponsored content associated with it, then they show up in the search results along with the search query and end up in the crawled data.

For example, if Google shows bakery data as ads while searching for bicycles, the crawler will gather bakery ads along with bicycle data results. We collect all that Google returns for a particular search query. 

To avoid unwanted ads/duplicate data gathered from google search, you could try using google power search (https://sites.google.com/view/togetherlearning/learn/digitalliteracy/powersearching) to generate input to use in the crawler that can help you get the exact results for your search.

 I.e., If you want to find results that use a specific phrase, surround your search term in "quotation marks" to tell Google you only want to see results that use that exact phrase and then copy that URL as input to the crawler.

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