How do I cancel my account or subscription?

How do I cancel my account or subscription?

How to Cancel

You can easily cancel your subscription by going to your account at and cancel one or all of your subscriptions.
This will cancel your subscription and future billing to your credit card.

Cancellation Confirmation

Important Note: Please ensure that you get to the cancellation confirmation page and fully confirm the cancellation. 
To prevent accidental clicks of the Cancel button, you are required to confirm the cancellation. This is also a very standard practice in User Interfaces.
Please ensure that you click the confirmation button too and get to the acknowledgment screen that contains a message confirming the cancellation. 

Then please confirm you see the confirmation message

If you fail to confirm the cancellation, you will see this warning letting you know that you did NOT confirm the cancellation and your subscription will stay active

Can ScrapeHero support help with the Cancellation 

Due to the self-service nature of this platform, our support team will NOT be able to assist you with the account cancellation. All such request will go unattended


Refunds related to any cancellations are addressed in this article

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    • What happens to my unused credits when I cancel?

      If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you will not be billed again. If you have any page credits left, you can still use up those credits until it the end of the current subscription period or till you exhaust your credits. We do ...
    • What happens to my unused quotas at the end of each billing period?

      All our Crawler page quotas and API quotas, reset at the end of billing period. Any unused credits do not carry over to the next billing period and also are nonrefundable. This is consistent with most software subscription services.
    • Are all plans subscription based?

      Yes, all plans on our marketplace are subscription based. We make that very clear at all times and on signup e.g  and  This FAQ also addresses common questions such as: I didn't realize I was going to be billed monthly It wasn't clear that I was ...
    • For your APIs, can I upgrade or downgrade plans?

      Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Click on the Billing tab to change your plan. When you make any of these changes you are subscribing to a NEW plan. e.g. as an illustrative example, if you change from a plan for $5 which gives ...
    • Can I start with a one month plan?

      Sure, you can start with one month and cancel anytime. All our plans require a subscription that renews monthly. If you only need to use our services for a month, you can subscribe to our service for one month and cancel your subscription in less ...